Graduate School of Education

Professional Preparation 1: Certificate of Teaching

The Certificate of Teaching Component is composed of
  • a set of credit-bearing certificate courses,
  • practical fieldwork tailored to equip candidates with professional skills in their respective areas of study.

The Teacher Education Unit (TEU) strives to

  • develop, execute, and evaluate the teacher education certificate program
  • identify and collaborate with partner schools for as required
  • evaluate and select suitable school for internships
  • place students-teachers in appropriate schools for internships
  • organize and implement internship programs
  • accompany and monitor student-teachers during internships and gather feedback
The Unit additionally takes aims to

  • make arrangements for the preparation and administration of internships abroad,
  • place student-teachers in partner universities and schools for internships abroad
  • plan and administer the preparation for internships abroad at partner universities and schools
  • monitor and evaluate the internships of student-teachers during their time abroad and gather feedback. Catalog Website