We are dedicated to producing well-qualified high school teachers with potential for leadership in Turkish education; providing career and lifelong learning opportunities for practising teachers; conducting and disseminating research to develop educational knowledge;and working cooperatively with partner schools and other national and international education organizations. †

The goal of the Teacher Education program is to prepare highly qualified beginning teachers.†Bilkent University is committed to preparing teachers who:

†- will enter the teaching profession as highly qualified beginning teachers

- have first class knowledge of the subject matter they will teach

- have a modern approach to the teaching of their subject

- prepare and teach lessons which actively promote success in learning

- understand how school students learn and develop

- can effectively assess their students’ learning

- can establish orderly and well-organized classrooms which encourage student learning

- have a positive and caring attitude towards their students

- are fluent in English and Turkish†

- are skilled in the use of modern technology

- have knowledge of research methods, and have conducted their own research

- have potential to make a valuable contribution to the teaching profession and become educational leaders.†

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