Why Bilkent?

The MA in Curriculum Instruction with Teaching Certificte (CITE) program provides an opportunity for qualified students to obtain a teaching certificate recognized by the Ministry of National Education, a teaching-learning certificate recognized by the International Baccalaureate Organization, an MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction, in a combined, full-time, local and international practicum-centered, two-year academic and professional program:

  • Academic development:  MA degree (with thesis)
  • Professional development: Pre-service teacher education certificate (Formasyon)
  • International Baccalaureate teaching-learning certificate
  • Internship at prestigious schools in Turkey (Ankara & Istanbul or Izmir)
  • Internship at Cambridge University (for three weeks)
  • Internship at a prestigious independent school in the UK (for two weeks)

Bilkent University is dedicated to producing well qualified high school teachers with potential for leadership in Turkish education. Since the Graduate School of Education opened in 2000, we have graduated over four hundred teachers. Many have since gone on to take their place as leaders in schools, and are already making a contribution to the development of education in Turkey. A major strength of our teacher education program is the variety of schools which our trainee-teachers experience, together with the number of days they spend working with teachers and school students, as they learn their teaching skills. They teach in prestigious schools in Ankara and other major cities in Turkey, as well as in another country. Students who complete our teacher education program are awarded with three qualifications: a degree in MA in Curriculum and Instruction, a teaching certificate (pedagojik formasyon), and an International Baccalaureate Teaching-Learning Certificate.

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