Director’s Areas of Responsibility *

1.     Academic: Master of Arts

1.1.   administer  the MA component of the 24-credit Teacher Education Program (MA in CITE) 

1.2.   coordinate the thesis proposal and thesis completion processes 

1.3.   prepare, and update, guidelines needed for preparing thesis proposal and thesis writing processes


2.     Professional I: Pre-service teacher education (Formasyon) 

2.1.   administer the 34-credit pre-service teacher education certificate program (current areas: Turkish Language and Literature, English, Biology, Physics, Mathematics)


3.     Professional II: Internship in Turkey 

3.1.   assess the suitability of, and selecting, schools for internship

3.2.   place student-teachers to schools for internship 

3.3.   make arrangements with the partner schools in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and/or Erzurum, and administer the internship programs as planned

3.4.   accompany students during internship; monitor and evaluate the internship processes; collect feedback


4.     Professional III: Internship abroad 

4.1.   make arrangements for the preparation for internship abroad

4.2.   place student-teachers to schools for internship

4.3.   make arrangements for  preparation, and  administration, of  3-week internship at Cambridge University Faculty of Education PGCE program, and of teaching practice processes at Cambridge University partner schools

4.4.   make arrangements for preparation, and administration, of 2-week internship at UK partner schools 

4.5.   accompany students during internship; monitor and evaluate the internship processes; collect feedback


5.     International Baccalaureate (IB) Teaching and Learning Certificate Framework Agreement

5.1.   administer  the IB recognition, review and renewal procedures/processes

5.2.   prepare documentation needed for recognition, review and renewal

5.3.   design teacher education programs, including learning objectives, course content, and assessment, following criteria given by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)

5.4.   explore capacity building opportunities, and liaise with the IBO as necessary


6.     Communication and collaboration with stakeholders 

6.1.   establish, and ensure, mechanism for following and administering the Council of Higher Education rules and regulations related to graduate programs, and teacher education programs

6.2.   develop and implement partner school mentor teacher training programs, as necessary 

6.3.   organize seminars/conferences for IB schools in Turkey

6.4.   host visitors from  schools who intend to meet our graduates for hiring purposes 

6.5.   ensure the organization of fieldtrips for high school students, as necessary

6.6.   prepare, update, and share online guidelines, forms and handbooks for faculty members 

6.7.   prepare, update, and share online guidelines, forms and handbooks for student-teachers 


7.     Program publicity and student recruitment 

7.1.   administer the processes needed for student recruitment   

7.2.   ensure program publicity and promotion

7.3.   prepare, and  maintain program website 



-select faculty members to teach in the Teacher Education Unit, and plan their  teaching load, including other responsibilities 

-plan and manage Teacher Education Unit budget 

*Approved by the Bilkent University Senate in December 2016, and by the Board of Trustees in February 2017

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