🔵Pre-practicum I 

▪️This course is mainly observation & task-based, but students are allowed to deliver short chunks of instruction towards the end of the term. Students visit two schools for 14 weeks (for about 8 hours per week).

🔵Pre-practicum II

▪️This course requires students to observe classes, to collect information about the school culture, and student-teach a full class every other week. Students visit a school in Ankara for 14 weeks (for about 8 hours a week) 

▪️Additionally, during this period, students who are eligible to visit a school in another city for two consecutive weeks. This period involves observation, learning about the school, and some teaching (for about 8 hours each day for 10 days).  


▪️This component includes 6-week block student teaching at a school (for about 8 hours each day for 27 days)

🔵Advanced Practicum

▪️This component includes a 3-week visit at the University of Cambridge and its partner schools; a two-week practicum at a prestigious independent school in England. 

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