Necmi Akşit   (Director, Teacher Education; Asst. Dean @Faculty of Education; Asst. Director @Graduate School of Education; Director, MA in TEFL Program)

Ph.D., Educational Sciences, Middle East Technical University, 1998. Educational administration, curriculum development, English for academic purposes. 

Research interests: Educational policy analysis, comparative education, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English medium instruction (EMI), Curriculum development and evaluation, Teacher Educatioanl Values/Character/Citizenship Education; International Education

Tijen Akşit  

Ph.D., Educational Science , Middle East Technical University, 2006. Educational administration, English for academic purposes, and action research. 

Research interests: Teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP); English medium instruction (EMI); Language teacher development; Teaching Turkish to the speakers of other language Language teacher development / growth

Armağan Ateşkan    

Ph.D., Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, Middle East Technical University, 2008. Science and biology education, environmental issues. 

Research interests: Science education: Teaching methods, teacher training, curriculum studies; Biology education: Teaching methods and teacher training, curriculum studies; Health education:  Teaching methods and teacher training, curriculum studies; International education: Comparative studies; Classroom management; Integration of technology into teaching    

Alipaşa Ayas   (Director of Graduate School of Education) 

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Southampton, 1993. Curriculum development, teacher education, concept development, assessment and evaluation.

Research interests:  Science education: Teaching/learning methods, curriculum  design/development/ implementation/ evaluation; Understanding, conception and misconception in science; Student assessment in science; Teacher training    


Erdat Çataloğlu  

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction (science education), Pennsylvania State University, 2002. Computer instruction, science and physics education, assessment and evaluation.

Research interests:  Conceptual Understanding and alternative student conceptions; Computer/Technology assisted instruction (with the context of IB); Classical psychometrics (Assessment & Evaluation)

 İlker Kalender  

Ph.D., Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, Middle East Technical University, 2011. Computerized adaptive testing procedures, detection of creating/aberrant response patterns through software, educational technology. 

Research interests: Factors affecting student ratings of instruction; Analysis of large-scale testing data (PISA, TIMSS, etc.); Test and item development; Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) procedures

Mefharet Kocatepe  (Dean, Faculty of Education)

Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Michigan, 1978. Functional analysis, nuclear spaces, Köthe spaces.

Jennie Farber Lane 

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2006. Biology education, education for sustainability, curriculum development. 

Research interests: Environmental education, education for sustainability, science education: Teaching competencies, perceptions, action research (teachers); student perceptions, dispositions, and behavioral change; Curriculum reform and policy: Teacher’s role in development and evaluation; action research


Aikaterini Michou  

Ph.D., Educational Sciences, University of Athens, 2005. Educational psychology, motivation in education.

Research interests:  The relation of students’ personal attributes to the quality of their motivation and optimal functioning (e.g., high engagement, optimal academic performance, positive affect, effective learning strategies); The relation of a need supportive learning environment to students’ quality of motivation and optimal functioning (e.g., high engagement, optimal academic performance, positive affect, effective learning strategies); In real-time the moment to moment co-variation of student motivational states and teacher motivating style during learning episodes    

John O’Dwyer  

Ph.D., Curriculum and Project-Evaluation, University of Surrey, 2005. 

Research interests:  School management and organizational learning in educational environments; In-service Teacher education and training;  The principles and practice of international education; Curriculum specification and development in second language learning; Education in the medium of English in non-target language contexts; IB education applied to the classroom

Rasim Özyürek  

Ph.D., Turkish Language Teaching, Baku State University, 1998. 

Margaret Sand 

PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Nottingham University 


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