We empower and inspire pre-service and in-service teachers to make meaningful and effective contributions to their educational communities. We prepare teachers and future educational leaders at an international level of excellence. Along with these achievements, we  advance innovative teaching and research, thus serving to stimulate curriculum and policy reforms in education. 


 Bilkent Graduate School of Education opened in 2000 with a teacher education program offering a master's degree, dedicated to producing well qualified high school teachers in five subject areas: biology, English, mathematics, Turkish language and literature, and physics. Since then we have graduated over four hundred teachers. Most of these alumni were appointed on graduation to teach in prestigious schools in Turkey, and many have since gone on to take their place as leaders in schools, and are already making contributions to the development of education in Turkey. 

Since 2011, the students who successfully complete their two-year program at the Graduate School of Education also gain International Baccalaureate Teaching and Learning Certificate. The MA in Curriculum Instruction with Teaching Certificate (CITE) program provides an opportunity for qualified students to obtain a teaching certificate recognized by the Ministry of National Education, a teaching-learning certificate recognized by the International Baccalaureate Organization, an MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction, in a combined, full-time, local and international practicum-centered, academically and professionally focused program.

In December 2016, the University Senate decided to propose the establishment of a Unit called Teacher Education Unit under the Graduate School of Education, and the Board of Trustees approved the proposal  with effect from February 2017, and appointed a Director. Since then, the pre-service teacher education at the Graduate School of Education has been delivered by the Teacher Education Unit. 

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Contact us           Bilkent University          Graduate School of Education    Faculty of Education      Library           Moodle 

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